About Us


Gilt Edge Alpacas specialises in high quality alpacas, bred from a gene-pool including some of the most influential animals in Australasia. We started breeding alpacas with a herd of average quality females. In the first year we invested heavily in really good quality females that we sourced from Australia and NZ. Our association with Forestglen Alpaca stud in NSW was very important in lifting the quality of our herd. Our choice of males has been key to our successes. Gilt Edge Alpacas come with an assurance of quality achieved by breeding only the best with the best.

Our Mission is to produce fine fleeced, healthy and well conformed alpacas who are capable of passing on genetic improvement to their progeny. We aim to utilise the Across-Herd-Genetic breeding program (AGE) to maximise the improvement in our herd which already contains a number of outstanding breeding lines within our alpaca breeding stock.

Knowledge is the key to successful breeding practices.

To our customers we offer excellent after sales service along with a wealth of alpaca information.

We are Peter and Sarah Busby. We moved to New Zealand from the UK in July 2003 with the intention of raising alpacas on our 2 acre lifestyle block. Within a short space of time our herd and we have moved to a 50 acre alpaca farm. Peter has been a farmer all his life in the UK and Sarah was a research scientist at Oxford University studying the internal connections between brain cells. Our skills complement each other very well, Peter has a large knowledge base regarding animal husbandry and Sarah’s research science background insures that breeding, genetics and anything ‘theoretical’ is thoroughly investigated before a decision is made. Sarah has been a member of the AANZ National Council, chairs the Mediation and Arbitration sub-committee, was secretary to the Breed Development sub-committee and is a member of the AANZ showing and judging sub-committee, is on the registry working group and edited the AANZ Alpaca magazine for over 2 years. She is a qualified alpaca judge and was honoured to be asked to judge the AANZ National fleece show in 2010 and the World Alpaca Fleece show in 2013.