Live Cria Guarantee

We are proud of the support we offer to our clients and this extends to the live cria guarantee.  All of the stud services paid for as a sire service from Gilt Edge Alpacas are covered by a live cria guarantee. The purpose of a live cria guarantee is to cover the unlikely event of our sire passing on genetic deformities that are not consistent with life. These issues, should they occur, are normally evident immediately following birth. We are not responsible for death of cria due to owner/management inexperience or inadequate care of a newborn. There are many challenges facing newborn cria in their first few days and weeks of life and the new owner is responsible for providing care.

We offer the live cria guarantee on the understanding that all due care has been taken of both the dam and the cria in it’s first hours of life. Treating the umbilical cord with Iodine or chlorhexidine solution will minimise the chances of the cria contracting an infection through the umbilical cord. Protecting the dam and cria by administering a dose of 5-in-1 vaccine at 6 weeks prior to the due date offers additional protection. Insuring the cria has drunk sufficient colostrum within the first 4-6 hours of life is vital. If in any doubt, give artificial colostrum or goats or cows colostrum as a back-up.

In the event of the female failing to carry the cria to full term, or that the cria fails to live more that 48 hours after birth, we offer a re-mating to the same sire. If that sire is not available due to obligations elsewhere, we will offer the use of any other male from our certified males. From time to time scanned pregnancies fail to produce a live cria due to stresses involved in transporting females around the country in early term pregnancies.

If a re-mating is necessary it will be offered as an on-farm service with the owners of the dam being responsible for transport costs getting the female to our farm. For mobile mating services (within a 20km radius of our farm) our mating terms and agreement allow for three visits to your farm during the initial mobile mating, for which Gilt Edge Alpacas will have incurred costs. To avoid costs continuing ad infinitum re-matings will be offered as on-farm services only. No refunds will be offered once mating has started, a re-mating may be transferred to a different female if there are difficulties getting one particular female pregnant. For females that have been sold pregnant, but which do not carry the pregnancy to term there will be a limit of three rematings before our obligation end. Costs will have been incurred by Gilt Edge Alpacas which is why refunds are not offered.

We recommend that all alpacas that come to live on farm here at Gilt Edge alpacas are covered by an insurance policy. We have your females here on an all care and no responsibility arrangement.