Agistment of alpacas with us – Points to consider:

The following information constitutes guidelines only for people considering agisting their alpacas with Gilt Edge Alpacas.

More and more alpaca owners are taking advantage of a facility whereby they can leave their animals in the care of others but still enjoy the pleasures of owning these fascinating animals. As with any arrangement between two parties, for most of the time verbal arrangements are fine when everything is going smoothly. Sometimes however there are unforeseen circumstances which can put pressure on one or other party and at that time, verbal agreements can sometimes break down and disputes arise.

We suggest that any party that enters into an agistment arrangement, thinks very hard about a number of factors. These factors should be discussed openly between yourselves and Gilt Edge Alpacas and a written agreement should be signed. This gives peace of mind to all parties.

Below is a list of things that should be considered (it is not exhaustive). Please think about all these issues so that we can put together a comprehensive agreement that will give both sides complete peace of mind.

The person undertaking to agist the animal (the agister) on their property should agree to provide a constant and appropriate supply of food and water.

If it is necessary to provide extra feed in dry times – who pays?

Who administers and who pays for inoculations?

Who administers and who pays for drenches?

Who administers and who pays for vitamins?

Discuss who carries out toenail trimming and other routine maintenance.

Who carries out shearing and who pays?

Who keeps the fleece?

Monthly charges, what are the costs and how frequently will it be paid.


Medical emergencies. Discuss procedures for informing owners of an illness or injury.

Discuss choice of vet. Come to an arrangement regarding the point at which the agister decides to call a vet.  The decision to proceed should be based on the best interests of the animal if owners cannot be contacted. Discuss veterinary costs.

Visiting arrangements. What are the arrangements when the owners wish to visit their animals on the agister’s property.

Tb testing – who pays?

Facial eczema, discuss precautions to be taken.