Stud Services Agreement

The following describes the terms and conditions that Gilt Edge Alpacas offers clients as part of entering into an agreement to use Gilt Edge Alpacas Stud Services:

Mating fee:

Malakai Sorcerer: $900 + GST

Futura Humdinger: Not available for outside services

Fee is payable at 60 days following the last mating. Pregnancy at this point will be confirmed by a spit-off test,  progesterone test or ultrasound scan. The cost of a progesterone test or ultrasound scan at 60 days is the responsibility of the dam’s owner. We can carry out a visual ultrasound ourselves at no cost but if the vet needs to be called to confirm pregnancy the cost will be borne by the owner of the female. For mobile mating, the service includes an initial mating at the Dam’s farm, a spit-off test at 14 days post-mating and again at 28 days. If the dam fails to become pregnant after three matings a veterinary examination of the dam is required.

Agistment fees will be charged at a rate of $12.50  per week (GST inclusive) for any female remaining on farm after a positive 60 day scan.

Gilt Edge Alpacas strongly recommend that animals are fully insured while remaining at Gilt Edge Alpacas for mating. It is the responsibility of the owners to assume any risk if the animals are not insured.

If the client wishes to change to a different sire not owned by Gilt Edge Alpacas after the dam has been mated to one of our males, a period of 45 days must elapse before the dam can be re-mated to the new sire.

A fee of $400 will be charged if clients change their minds and withdraw the female from the mating process once mating services have begun as costs will have been incurred by us up to that point.

The Tb status of the female must be ‘clear’ prior to mating.

Transport to and from the farm is the responsibility of the owners of the female, but where possible Gilt Edge Alpacas may from time to time be able to assist in transportation. If this happens we charge a nominal sum towards petrol for assisting in transporting females.